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TSRTC CCS Information & Check Loan Status, tsrtc ccs balance enquiry: TSRTC Employees Thrift & Credit Cooperative Society Limited – CCS INFORMATION & Application form download. OUR SOCIETY – BASIC INFORMATION: Our Cooperative Society was established on 5th April, 1952 with an objective to help the Member and not to fall prey to the Private Money Lenders.

The Society which had in the beginning 2,558 Shareholders, Share Capital of about Rs.60,000/-, Thrift of Rs.71,700/- and five employees, became the biggest and the best run cooperative in the State with 1,06,620 Shareholders and Thrift more than RS.1,216 Crores.

Membership and Thrift: All the regular employees of the Corporation are entitled to become Members of the Society. Every Member shall have only one share of Rs.300/-. Dividend is being Credited to the members MRDF A/c. Every Member immediately after joining the Society starts contributing towards Thrift (MRDF) @ 8% of his Basic Pay, rounded off to the nearest Ten Rupees. Compound Interest @ 10% per annum is provided on these accumulations. The Thrift accumulations are payable to the Members at the time of Retirement or closure of the account.

Information through the website: The members can get the information through our WEBSITE www.apsrtc.gov.in/ccsinfo. and www. The information regarding Society, the Members loan eligibility, loan status, surety eligibility, deduction statement particulars of loan payments, monthly salary recovery particulars, various loan application forms, Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit forms, claim forms and other forms are available in the website round the clock.Information through

Information through SMS: Information regarding receipt of STL & EDL applications and releasing of respective loans will be provided through SMS to the Member’s Mobile Phone. To avail, this facility members should furnish their Mobile Numbers on the loan application forms

TSRTC CCS Information & Loan Status

Short Term Loans : Members are eligible for Short Term Loans on completion of One (1) year regular service in the Corporation and One (1) month membership in the Society. However, the member should have the minimum of 12 months MRDF amount while sanctioning of loan. Shortfall amount if any should be recovered from the loan sanctioned. A minimum amount equal to Seven(7) months Basic Pay 110% will be granted as Short Term Loan till completion of four (4) years membership subject to satisfying other conditions. After completion of four (4) years membership, the loan will be granted taking into consideration the length of service completed in the Corporation.

At present 110% of the Basic Pay is being considered for sanction of loans. The Short Term Loan is granted subject to a maximum of Rs.3,00,000/-. However, the Members whose MRDF balance exceeds Rs.50,000/- can draw loan to the extent of 1.75 times of his Thrift subject to other conditions.

Loan eligibility will always be computed taking into consideration of a minimum take-home pay of 25% on (Basic + DA + HRA) wages. However, if the gross loan amount sanctioned is Rs.60,000/- or above a Member shall have in his MRDF Account at least 40% of the amount of loan granted. The shortfall amount if any, will be recovered from the loan granted and credited to the Members MRDF account. The Borrower can repay the Short Term Loan within the maximum of 84 monthly installments.

Interest on Short Term Loans is charged @ 11% PA on monthly reducing balances. The Member applying for the loan shall furnish two valid Sureties. Every Member can stand as Surety to 3 borrowers. The difference between borrowers basic pay and sureties basic pay is allowed up to Rs.2,000/-. In case, the Sureties basic pay is Rs.9,000/- and above, the above condition doesn’t apply. He may stand as surety to any three borrowers. One can apply for the inclusive loan on the recovery of 12 monthly installments through salary bill.

Online Payments: The loan amount will be directly credited to Member’s salaried bank accounts. The deduction statement and loan payment particulars will be sent to the members by SMS. The members can have particulars in website also. RD, FD, CCS settlement and MOAS amounts are also being paid through online.

8-FORM: The Borrower has to provide another valid Surety to Short-Term or Education Loan within two months if any of the Surety ceases to be a Member of the Society for any reason. The loan eligibility will be deferred for the period delayed in the resubmission of valid surety subject to the maximum of one month.

Short-Term Loan without Sureties: Short Term Loan can also be drawn without sureties on the strength of the amount of MRDF held. The amount of Short Term Loan granted in such cases is to the extent of MRDF Balance. However, members should remember that, this is not an additional loan.

50 Percent of MRDF as Short Term Loan: Members whose leftover service is 3 years or less, can apply for Short Term Loan under this Scheme. It may, however, be noted that this is not an additional loan facility. In case the loan eligibility reckoned as per the general conditions, is less than 50% of his Thrift accumulations, the Member is required to mention on the loan application as “Loan of 50% MRDF”. As this is not MRDF withdrawal, this loan amount is to be repaid in monthly installments. The monthly deduction shall be made to the extent of 1/3 of Gross salary in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act. The loan balance outstanding on the date of retirement will be recovered from his MRDF accumulations to settle the account.


Eligibility: A Member can apply for Long Term Loan on completion of One (1) month Membership in the Society and One (1) year regular service in the Corporation. The Member should have atleast a sum equivalent to 3 years MRDF at his credit at the time of payment of Long Term Loan. The shortfall, if any, shall be recovered from his Long Term Loan Payment. The maximum of Long Term Loan is Rs.10.00 lakhs and being granted for Construction of House/Flat, purchase of Ready Built House/Flat, Extension/Completion of Construction of House. For purchase of Plot, maximum loan is Rs.5.00 Lakhs. List of required documents/certificates to be submitted along with loan application is printed in LT Loan application. Rs.350/- has to be paid along with loan application towards legal fee. In addition to the documents, four valid sureties should be furnished. In case surety basic pay is less than the Borrower, the variation should not exceed 25%. In case the surety basic pay is Rs.17,000/- and above, above said condition will not be applicable. The surety should not retire 3 years prior to the applicant retirement date. The Long Term Loan is repayable on the basis of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI). The Interest charged is @ 9.5% per annum, on monthly reducing balances. (w.e.f 01-08-2007), for purchase of plot it is 11%


a) House Construction: Hundred times of Basic Pay as on the date of application or certified cost of the Construction or Rs.10.00 Lakhs, whichever is less will be granted as Long Term Loan, subject to other rules governing the sanction of such loans. However, the amount of loan will be granted after taking into consideration the minimum take-home pay of 25% of (Basic + DA + HRA) wages.

b) Purchase of House/Flat: Hundred times of Basic Pay, or the cost certified by the Engineer or Rs.10.00 lakhs, or agreement value of house excluding advance paid; whichever amount is less will be granted as Long Term Loan subject to other rules. The age of the building should not exceed 20 years to get Long Term Loan for its purchase.

c) Completion of House: Members can draw Long Term Loan for specific uncompleted works on 1st Charge, members can draw second loan for unfinished works, however the loan shall not be granted for the works for which loan was already drawn earlier.

d) Long Term Loan – Second Time: Members are eligible twice in their service to draw Long Term Loan upto Rs.10.00 lakhs for Construction of House, Horizontal and Vertical expansion of House, Purchase of Ready Built House/Flat in his name or for taking over Housing Loans drawn from other Banks/Financial Agencies.

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