TSRTC Bisleri Water Services, @20 Rupees

TSRTC Bisleri Water Bottle
TSRTC Bisleri Water Bottle Services at Bus Station’s

The Corporation is partnering with the mineral water supplier to ensure safe drinking water to passengers across the State. Come December, all that one will find at bus stations across Telangana State will be Bisleri mineral water co-branded by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

One of the new avenues of monetising non-transport revenues, the TSRTC has tied up with Bisleri for supply of safe drinking water across all its 360 bus stations in the State. As a business partner with the water major, the TSRTC will help in supply of one litre and half-a-litre bottles of mineral water, apart from allowing loose sale of water from 20-litre bubble packs.

“We will ask all our retailers at bus stations to pay up a licence fee for sale of the water. Whether it is bus station Asifabad, a part of erstwhile Adilabad district or the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station here, the rules will be the same. We will be getting the water at Rs. 9.50 a litre and will sell it at Rs. 20 per litre in bottles. Of course, we will have to pay our retailers out of this apart from paying VAT (value-added tax),” said Managing Director G.V. Ramana Rao.

Asked about the logistics, Mr. Rao said that first and foremost, it was the issue of passengers getting safe drinking water.

“We are calling for tenders from local agencies who will stock and sell the water. Of course we will earn a few crores of rupees from this process but that’s only a beginning. But primarily it is to get a control over the business where people have been selling water that is not good for consumption and this safety aspect is what we are concerned about,” he said.

“The Bisleri water that passengers will buy for the course of their journey apart, they will also be supplied the same in our luxury services like Garuda and Garuda Plus,” Mr. Ramana Rao said, summing up.

We will ask all our retailers at bus stations to pay up a licence fee for sale of water: G.V. Ramana Rao


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